Optical Phase Demodulators
DPSK Demodulator
DQPSK Demodulator
90° Optical Hybrid
2x4 QPSK Mixer
2x8 QPSK Mixer
10G DPSK Demodulators
2.5G DPSK Demodulators
Optical Interleavers
Standard Optical Interleaver
Asymmetric Optical Interleaver
Switchable Optical Interleaver
Co-Packaged Optical Interleaver
Multi-Staged Optical Interleaver
"Super"-Wide Passband Interleaver
Tunable Optical Filters
2-Port Optical Tunable DWDM Filter
Tunable Edge Filter
Bandwidth-Tunable Filter
MEMS-Tunable Filter
Optical Monitors
Optical Channel Monitor
Optical Performance Monitor
Portable Spectrum Analyzer
Optical Wavelength Meter

Integrated High-Speed Receivers
40Gb/s DPSK Receiver
40Gb/s DQPSK Receiver
40Gb/s Coherent Receiver
100Gb/s Coherent Receiver 90deg Hybrid with Balanced Receiver
2x8 Coherent Mixer with
Single-ended Photodetectors

10Gb/s Tunable ROSA for NGPON2
Optical Test & Measurement
Multi-Function Test & Measurement System
Tunable Laser
Optical Spectrum Analyzer
Optical Ruler
ASE Light Source
Power Meter
Optical Switch
High-Speed Optical Testing System
Optical Spectrum Analyzers
OSA - OEM Modules
OSA - Handheld OSA
Desktop OSA System
Lasers and Light Sources
Tunable Laser (iTLA)
Tunable Light Source
ASE Light Source
Comb Light Source
F-P Etalon Products
Standard F-P Comb Filter
Flat-Top Comb Filter
In-line Fabry Perot Etalon
Wavelength Locker
Custom-Design Products
Coherent Receivers
Optoplex provides full spectrum of receiver products: DPSK receiver, DQPSK receiver, 40G coherent receiver and 100G coherent receiver.
  Optoplex Delivers Super-Flat-Top Comb Filters 
  Optoplex Launched Tunable ROSA for 40G PON (TWDM-based NGPON2) Application
  Optoplex releases “super” interleaver for 100Gbps and super-channel applications
  Optoplex To exhibit at OFC/NFOEC 2014 in San Francisco

New Openings:
Quality Manager
Director of Engineering
Technician - Wire Bonding
Principal Electrical Engineer
Sr. Electrical Engineer
Sr. Product Development Engineers - Optical
Technical Sales Engineer